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Hair Type Verses Hair Texture

Hair Type Verses Hair Texture

When it comes to enhancing your appearance, people especially ladies prefer hair types closely resembling their own growing mane. Surely, hair is the most visible part of one’s appearance . But, creating different hairstyles is might be difficult especially when knowledge of the hair texture or hair type of hair that’s marketed .

Few Methods On How To Re-Hydrate Your Lace Wigs

  Moisture locking is not a hard task, however it takes time which most may not have due to hectic schedules. But you invested in your lace wigs or hair extensions and other hair systems. So overtime, you will have to put time in to care for your units. Keeping your lace wigs and other […]

Jewish Wigs And Who Wears Them ?

Jewish Wigs And Who Wears Them ? Wigs have evolved as a solution to cover mild hair loss due to diseases , religious reasoning and for fashionable hair styling . One of the main reasons Jewish women are meant to cover their hair with Jewish Wigs , Band-falls and or Ponytail wigs (popularly known as […]