Whether it be tape-in hair extensions, machine weft bundles, hand-tied wefts or keratin tips (i-tip ,u-tip or flat-tip), proper care is a requisite to having longevity of your beautiful hair extensions. Primarily, towards kinky curly hair textures- which requires more delicate care and utilization of moister rich hair products garnered to this special hair texture.

Caring for your bundle hair extensions are primarily valuable to your desired look and are actually quite easy to maintain by keeping them in the best condition possible. With a few basic and essential maintenance/ hair care instructions as outlined below. That will assist you in keeping your luxurious human hair extensions looking fabulous and lasting longer.

Hair Extensions Tips 101

Be Extremely Gentle When Combing – Pulling and tugging at your hair extension pieces is not recommended. (Once again, if you wouldn’t do it or have it done to your growing hair – DON’T DO IT!). When brushing or styling the extensions gently comb the hairs with a  very wide tooth comb. (as depicted below) . Starting from the ends and graduating towards the roots of your wigs or hair pieces.


Making use of  a very wide tooth comb (the wider the better)  on any hair textured weaves like; Body Wave, Deep Wave, Yaki Straight hair are the best hair styling tool next to your own fingers for quick teasing or detangling. With other hair textured hair extensions such as: kinky curly, Afro curly its recommended to comb / style  with your fingers or utilize a “Afro pick comb”  – this will prevent the hairs from falling out. On Body Wave and Straight hair textures use a soft-bristled brush, starting at the ends of the hair then gradually and slowly working your way up. Your own fingers are the second best option to de- tangle the hairs.

Here’s a few key points to luxurious refined looking bundle hair extensions

Wash With Moisturizing Hair Care Products

Washing your bundle hair extensions, 360 wigs and any other lace wigs at a maximum of 2x per week, with moisturizing hair care products. Especially during Summer months due to excessive perspiration and other hair-styling products build-up.
Because your extensions or lace wigs can’t  retain the natural oils produced from your own scalp to keep your hair in good condition. It has been recommended to use moister-rich deep conditioner on these hair pieces , this will keep the moisture locked in from shampooing while at the same time not drying them out from over-shampooing.The correct amount of product usage will prolong the hairs lifespan with color protection products and regular deep conditioning essential to prevent hair color leakage (on any color-treated pieces) and dryness to a minimum.

3 Toned Virgin Human Hair - Loose Deep Wave -Layered Bundle Hair

When using heat styling tools – Use a Heat Protectant Serums / Mist
While utilizing heat styling tools always opt to applying a small amount of heat-styling protecting hair product on the extensions or lace wigs to reduce the risk of heat damage, whenever you use  heat styling tools on your hair pieces . For a better outcome seek a professional hairdresser/hairstylist.

Deep Conditioners – Once a week, carefully put your extensions and or lace wigs in lukewarm water and apply a small amount  of your choice of moister-rich deep conditioner all over. Leave for around 20-30 minutes then rinse and let dry naturally – using a blow dryer will damage them if used too much. If necessary, put the dryer on a cool setting (almost as if it was wind) .

Keeping Hair Ends Trimmed – YES TRIM YOUR HAIR!

Hair Extensions and or Full Lace Wigs, will never grow, however as careful as you are, your human hair extensions will most likely get split ends over-time. To avoid letting the damage move up the hair shaft, trim the ends every 8-10 weeks. You can do it yourself using salon scissors, but it is always the best option to seek a professional hairstylist (always a recommended approach).

Dying or bleach your hair extensions:
When choosing the option to dye or bleach your hair piece. Virgin Human Hairs can be colored (by selecting hair color option “natural color”). Brazilian Hair hold bolder blonde colors in comparison to other hair origins due to the very dense hair follicles.  As a general rule of thumb, it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can not get to a salon, use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first please.

Deep Wave Virgin Human Hair Two Toned 4x4 Inches Closure + Layered Bundle Kit


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