Braid-in Bundles

Braid-in Bundles

No more sewing, No more glues, No More Clips!



Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions is excited to introduce to the market of weave -lovers and hair enthusiast. The “braid-in bundles”, these new machine wefts come with an added bounce for the weave wearers who are looking for an alternative from the routine sewn-in and glue-in techniques. We are taking the strain and stress off your own hair.braid-in bundles

Made of 100% Virgin Human Hairs these braid-in bundles have a unique advantage at the weft , we’ve added extra hair approximately 6 inches of hair to braid the weft directly to your own hair in an interlocking technique without the need for threads, glues or clips , similar to box braiding. This is amazing for stylist who are looking for new advancing in hair extensions.
Braid-In bundles offer you a secure hold without the use of glue or thread. A full head installation can be completed in 1 easy step. The bundles are braided directly into your natural hair without the time consuming steps of braiding your own hair and then going back to install row by row of weft.

Each Braid-In bundle is 100 grams full with 100% top grade virgin human hair (can be colored/bleached). The hair used for the braiding install on top of the bundle is 6 inches in length and 100% kinky straight human hair. It is highly recommended in some cases that Kanekalon/ Synthetic braiding hair also be added (feed-in) to the existing hair while braiding for a for a tighter more secure hold. The braiding hair is also only 20 grams full so your braids wont be too thick.
2-3 bundles are required for a full head depending on the look you are going for. Bundles do not come in pieces but as 1 complete long weft.
One (1) quantity = 1 bundle (bundles do not come as a set)



  1. Always co-wash your wefts/bundles before installation.
  2. Using organic hair products
  3. Washing wefts in Luke-warm water
  4. Lay your wefts flat or hang wefts to drip dry
  5. Never use excessive heating irons to your hair pieces
  6. Use light oils once a week.

Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions has a wide variety of textures and lengths of these awesome braid in hair extensions available and ready to ship to your door-steps. With hair textures ranging from ; Afro Kinky , Afro Kinky Curly, Straight, Kinky Straight and Wavy . 3PROD IMAGE KINKY AFRO 1 BUNDLE BRAID IN HAIR EXTENSIONSIn popular lengths from 12 -28 inches. With these grade 6a virgin hair bundles coming in natural color , it is the best option for the weave wearer who chooses to Ombre’  or Sombre’ these bundles. Each of these bundles are 100g in weight.  We recommend for a full head of hair in the Afro Kinky , Afro Kinky Curly and Wavy textures at least 4 bundles if your cap size measures 22.25 inches in circumference. For sleeker textures like straight or kinky straight we recommend 2- 3 bundles of hair.

PROD IMAGE KINKY CURLY BRAID IN BUNDLE AAlways remember to factor in the texture and style your are going for in choosing how many bundles you will require. Shorter lengths from 10-16 inches you will only need approximately 3 bundles.

Lace Frenzy Wigs ship all our hair pieces to your door directly via our online store check out all our products.

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