Blending Clip- In Hair Extensions With Ease

clip-in hair extensions

For fast installation of clip in hair extensions to add volume to shorter frail looking hairs. Clip- in extensions not only gives volume to one’s hair, but it also add color contrast and dimension to one’s desired hair style.

By utilizing clip in hair extensions. This great weaving accessory used by many super models and other media figures like TV anchor women, to give their hair the needed extension and body with ease but simply placing these hair extensions in the precise areas of their head to give off either bold highlights by adding a few strips of a different color to their natural base color. When doing so, we recommend going at least 3-4 shades lighter for darker base colors and remember your complexion has a lot to do with colors. Never wanting to look unrealistic with certain hues. As the rule of thumb is “ your hair extensions should never look hair extensions ( in other words – unrealistic) “.

What are Clip in Hair Extensions?

Clip-in Hair extensions derive from bundle wefts that are cut into individual pieces from 7 pcs -14pcs , followed by adding snap combs or clips on each strip of double drawn weft. The hairs are hand drawn and double stitched for durability. Made of premium grade human hairs from the popularly consumed Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian , Cambodian and European Virgin Human Hairs. Clip-In hair extensions strips can start anywhere from an inch to six inches in width with several clips to hold the hair in place.
The great incentive to these clip-in hair extensions are you can install them by yourself , its the D-I-Y approach to hair extensions. But for a flawless installation, we will always recommend seeking a seasoned professional hairdresser.

Virgin Human Hair - Natural Wavy - 8pcs Clip-In Hair Extension

Several Methods of Installing Clip in Extensions

Let’s start with the basics

Tools you will need:
1. Premium grade human hair Clip in hair pieces
2. Tail comb (sectioning the hair)
3. Mousse/ flat iron / heat protectant
4. Small rubber bands (optional)
5. 1”- 2” barrel curling iron ( optional)

Things To Avoid During Installation of Your Clip-In Extensions

Having loose hairs swept into the clips unknowingly – this occurs frequently, at the first attempts to install the clip-ins by yourself. To avoid this occurrence be sure to use a rubber band or scrunchy to hold hairs ( your own) out of the way. Meanwhile placing the extensions one piece at a time.

Inaccurate placement of clip in – this leads to exposure if not placed correctly. Before installation, if you opt- to D-I-Y instead of a professional hairstylist installment; hold the wefts at the desired place starting from back to front to ensure the weft alignments are accurate, without over lapping and exposing wefts due to lack of natural hair density to cover wefts.

How to install clip- in hair extensions?

Follow this easy to install – D-I-Y 3 Steps instruction:
1 – Section your hair – to the desired location of where you will install the clip-in hair extension – keeping the clip open facing your scalp or for more comfortable approach you can make a very thin braid (be sure it’s as flat as possible) going across and clip-in the hair piece.
2 – Gather a small section of your own hair under the clip then snap the clip into place – you can also do this by utilizing small rubber band gathering hairs in very small sections. Then adding clip in hair – the reason for the rubber band is to secure the clips from sliding out. Secondary option is to corn row hair in a horizontal direction then placing selected pieces securely.
3 – Repeat until you achieve the desired look.
4- You will have some “leave- out” of your natural hair during this installation.

clip-in extensions

After finalizing the clip in wefts you can now curl, flat iron (style) your desired look. Adding small amounts hair styling products like pomade, serum (for shine ) , heat protectant to not only safe guard your clip- in hairs from heat styling tools but also from humidity during warmer weather conditions. Be aware of hair styling products will too much alcohol in its active ingredients- this is a sure fire way to drying out your clip – in wefts or any bundle or lace wig. Utilizing hair styling products to a minimum will give your wigs and bundles a longer lifespan.

Who Wears Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Mostly, people who have a limited volume of hair or a hair loss problem that has been lingering on for a long time about their hair apprehensions and committing to wig glues and wig tapes.
However, anyone can wear clip-in extensions to:
1. Add volume to limp, thinning hair
2. Brighten their base color – by adding a different color to add contrast and dimension
3. To instantly gain longer lengths to one natural hair

How To Care For Clip-In Hair Extensions?

No matter the color or texture of these stunning hair accessories, the key to maintaining your human hair clip-in hair extensions is “moister”.
Whether it be hair extensions and or lace front wigs they require adequate moisture ,this is one of the key elements to sustaining longevity by keeping them in good condition and preventing the hair from becoming brittle, dry and getting split -ends . All human hair extensions and other hair pieces needs the proper moisture in order to maintain it’s elasticity and prevent the hairs from forming split ends or breaking. Each consumer has to keep in mind that you will need to care for your human hair pieces just the same as you would your own growing hair.
Avoiding harsh and abrasive chemicals excessive use of heat styling tools. Moisturize daily or every 2-3 days with a light serums, if color treated – it’s best to stick to only color treated hair care products (shampoos and conditioners).

Desiring longer thicker hairs requires just the same amount of maintenance and care as your own growing hairs even for those not growing from your scalp . Because these wefts and other hair pieces are not grown from your scalp to retain the natural oils from your scalp there is more care required to keep its longevity over time for clip in human hair extensions and using the proper styling products and tools that will keep the hair healthy and preserve the lifespan.

You can have your human hair clip-in or clip on hair extension last more than 24 months depending on the proper care. It might be easier to think about maintaining human hair clip-in extensions (and all types of human hair extensions and wigs for that matter) as three different areas; daily styling; weekly washing; and nourishing (oils and conditioners).

When wanting to color / ombré any clip-in hair extensions – we recommend choosing a natural hair color. That will allow lifting the hair color to a lighter tone a bit easier- most consumers find it harder to transition from color #1 ( jet black) to bleach blonde (#613, #60). That is a tragic NO go. Attempting this will be disappointing. When coloring hair jumping from a very dark tone to a lighter tone will not turn out professionally appealing in one setting – this requires several graduation ( coloring sessions) to achieve your desired hair color . Seek a professional for better advisement and or correct re-coloring of any hair piece. This approach will leave you with a more gratified outcome in the long run.

Clip-in Human hair extensions obviously can bring out a flawless natural look and very easily mix up with your growing hair. By adding these D-I-Y clip in extensions to your hair accessory wardrobe will give your hair the refine fuller, longer ,body and color for any event or simply for everyday wear.

Virgin Human Hair - Afro Kinky Curly - 8pcs Clip-In Hair Extension

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