Best Wig Choice For Circumferential Hair Loss

Best Wig Choice For Circumferential Hair Loss

One of the best alternatives to covering circumferential hair loss with wigs are called Full lace wigs with thin skin perimeter units which are ideally a better solution for women engrossed by hair loss along the perimeter of their hairline. Whether due to aging , stress or health related issues just to name a few reasons why these unique wigs best suits women and men suffering circumferential hair loss.

Human hairs are injected individual on polyurethane straps along this well crafted thin skin perimeter wig revealing the appearance of an undetectable hairline. 

These wigs are designed for individuals who experience circumferential type plaque alopecia ( balding along the hairline area). 

The full lace wig with thin skin perimeter is focused only at the perimeter of the wig giving a more breathable capabilities with soft Swiss lace and features a stretch panel in the middle for high ponytail hair-styling options. Just like Full thin skin wig caps the full lace wig with thin skin wig cap are made with pu (polyurethane) around the perimeter of the wig. The polyurethane strips lays flat against your hairline and gives the illusion of hair growing from your scalp. Boasting a natural hairline and baby hairs along the perimeter comparable to the trendy lace wigs in the market. For men they will choose to go with either full thin skin toupee or similar to the full lace with thin skin perimeter , men toupees with thin skin perimeters are also a great option for hairline thinning.

European Virgin - 8x10" - Thin Skin Men Toupee

Benefits of wearing a full lace wigs with thin skin perimeter :

  1. Highly Undetectable wear- the injected pu perimeter with proper selection of pu tint, which blends with ones complexion just as the hand-tied lace material of a full lace wigs. Giving the wig wearer the appearance of virtually impossible detection that one’s wearing a wig
  2. Achieve high up-dos with its small stretch material placed in the center of the wig cap.
  3. These full lace wigs with thin skin perimeter – has freestyle parting 
  4. Full body as most In stock thin skin wigs are made with full density of 130% however giving the hairline a natural appearance with the full body and bounce in the most coveted hair textures such as body wave, natural straight and more.
  5. Availability in both Indian Remy Human Hair and premium grade 8AA+ Virgin Human Hairs
  6. Can be customized to desired hair length, PU Tint color and Wig Cap Size. 

Silk Top Full Lace Wigs with Thin Skin Perimeter

With a wide array of wig interior cap designs solely based on the comfort level of any wig wearer. For those With circumferential thinning hairs or lack there of, there’s an additional incentive with choosing the silk top full lace wig with thin skin perimeter. While construction of this wig Cap is similar to the full lace with pu perimeter wigs these uniquely designed wigs offer a 4×4” silk base . This unit allows coverage of circumferential hair loss and a realistic scalp avoiding any in lookers speculations that you’re actually wearing a wig. 

Silk Top Thin Skin Perimeter Wig (Inside wig cap)


However beautiful this units are made to order and based on each area of complexity it’s production time is typically 45-50 days.


Before purchasing here’s a the standard key points to have ready 

  1. Your measurements (measuring for accuracy is KEY)- measure at least 3 times.
  2. Knowledge of your lace color (lace color chart)
  3. Hair color choice – Opting for a Natural Color in Virgin grade human hairs gives one the option to color/ dye the wig by seeking a professional first. But staying on the safe side select from the hair color chart
  4. Hair length- quick hack in finding the perfect length : take a measuring tape starting from your crown let the measure tape fall and hold at the point where you desire your mane to fall. Remember wavy textures has at least 2” of stretch.
  5. Density: Most customize silk base full lace wigs w/ pu perimeters start at 125% -200% . For a flawless authenticity stay within 125-140%. The aim is to have a realistic hair piece/ wig.

Who’s best recommended to wear thin skin perimeter wigs 

  1. Individuals suffering from hair loss around the hairline 

Due to medications , stress or having alopecia. Hair loss happen more often than openly admitted. From individuals using improper wigs and weave installation techniques, will lead to adverse results. Always seek a professionally licensed hairdresser to install your wigs if you are unsure of the proper techniques on installing lace wigs for the first time .

What Hair Textures Are Available:

While very limited in-stock availability for these circumferential thin skin wigs, most consumers will find body wave, natural wavy , straight and others can choose to have a customize full lace wig with thin skin perimeter made  based on their desired outcome.

Wearing Wig Glues with these thin skin perimeter wigs :

Although it’s not uncommon for thin skin wig wearers to utilize some form of adhesive due to air pockets that can form at some parts of the circumferential areas where the thin skin is positioned in ones head while wearing the wig. We highly recommend not using hard bonding adhesive due to the  delicate polyurethane material.

Malydia- Body Wave-Virgin Human Hair- Full Lace Wig w/Thin Skin

When applied properly these full lace wigs with thin skin perimeter gives the appearance of an exceptionally natural and highly realistic hairline. Giving the wig wearer more confidence going through their everyday activities.

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