Benefits of Wearing The Enhanced 13×6 Lace Front Wig

Benefits of Wearing The Enhanced 13x6 Lace Front Wig

Over several months Wig enthusiasts has become more aware of the enhancements of the Lace Front Wig Cap broadening of its lace interior craftsmanship. By having a longer depth in the capabilities to create partitions go beyond the old standards of 13×3.4” to a deeper parting scaled up to a 13×6 Inches interior wig cap. The enhancements in the lace wigs sector advances with the increase demand of versatility for each wig wearers need for styling versatility and ease of wear and comfort.

Theses enhancements gives those who desire not only the versatility to have a longer center-part or to style their 13×6 lace front wig in other fashionable trendy hairstyles like Afro puff bun ( aka wrapped pigtails hairstyle).


Indian Remy Hair 13x6 Inches Deep Part Lace Front Wig

These newly enhanced lace front wigs are made with 100% hand picked Virgin Human Hairs and Indian Remy Human Hairs. The hair densities starts at 125% which graduates on the unit to 150%, which give a more voluminous appearance.


hair density

A Little Wig Knowledge on Hair Density

Benefits of Wearing The Enhanced 13×6 Lace Front Wig.

What you’ll notice on the interior of the 13×6” lace Front Wig Cap: (image depicts interior of wig construction)
1. Breathable elasticated cap w machine wefts
2. Four combs intricately place ( 1 at the nape and three strategically placed at the front of the wig)
3. Soft Swiss lace at the nape- which gives the wig wearer the ability to style in ponytail hairdos
4. Swiss lace measuring 13 inches across and 6 inches going back towards one’s crown (top of your head).
5. Ease to style effortlessly.



13×6 Lace Front Wig ( Interior Wig Cap)



How To Care Your 13×6 Lace Front Wig

Just like any other lace front wigs, especially your human hair units moister is always the staple to live by . To have your units ( Wigs) intact luxurious and bouncy, for an extended time. Every human hair can last any wig wearer the most 6-12 months . But care and proper maintenance is key. You never choose to invest in these coveted virgin human hair lace wigs to just toss them to the side after wearing , them wonder why it’s lifespan is fading.

it is crucial that you HYDRATE (MOISTURIZE) your lace wigs and hair extensions as much as possible as they are no longer growing from human scalp that produces the essential oil it requires to keep them nourished. When you make use of good quality Shampoos and moisture rich conditioners with b3 and b6 vitamins , you can keep them looking healthy and shiny. The shampoo that you use to wash your bundle extensions must always be free of sulfates, sodium chloride, and parabens. You not only want to have these types of hair care products utilized only on your lace wigs or hair extensions , but it’s essential to utilize on your natural growing hair. It’s great to wear wigs however it’s essential to maintain the proper nourishment for your scalp and natural growing hair.

Investing in a decent mannequin head , not to mention having a proper wig head stand for ease in style your wigs while placed in the mannequin head and place your unworn wigs . Will not only be utilized as safe storage for your lace fronts but also doubles as a great styling tool. You can style your wigs before wearing.


Securing Your 13×6 Lace Front Wigs

With the four internal wig combs and adjustable straps installation is easy as 1-2-3.

Make sure you place each strap facing/meeting each other – NEVER overlapping or crisscrossing for the best results in achieving a snug fit to you 13×6 Lace Front Wigs and other lace wigs that come with adjustable straps on the interior wig cap.


Mistakes You’re Making When Securing Your Lace Wigs

13×6 Lace fronts are great if  you choose to wear lace front wigs for fashion reasons or to cover thinning hairs with the advancement to create deep parting hairdos with these well crafted lace front wigs , which are also ideal for newbies and veterans to lace wigs.


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