Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions and Lace Closures

Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions and Lace Closures

With thousands of women who are afflicted with thinning hairline due to lack of circulation, health crisis , aging, stress and other environmental issues. Will express itself not only on your skin but also your hair follicles. Utilizing hair extensions, lace front wigs are a beneficial tool to covering this personal day to day issue. Many women will opt to bundle hair extensions and lace closure hair pieces from silk base of regular lace, to cover their thinning hair.
Investing in human hair pieces gives you a greater lifespan of use to these wonderful hair extensions.

What are the Benefits of Wearing hair extensions and Lace Closures?

1. Adding length to shorter hairs
2. Covering hair loss or thinning hair line – which gives any weave wearing individual greater confidence
3. Adding a different hair color to your hairstyle without the potential of damaging your natural mane.
4. Choosing a-natural hair color in Brazilian Virgin Human Hair gives a stylist the option to ombré style or balayage style a client hair extensions .

What’s a Lace Closure Hair Piece ?

Lace closures or silk top closures are very similar to Lace Frontal Closures , that are utilized to enclose either hand-tied bundles or double drawn bundle hair extension ( weft bundles). After sewing wefts on your braided natural hairs ( preferably on a weaving net), there might be the requirement to have a lace closure hair piece needed to cover any exposed wefts , if the individual hair is too thin or lack of hair to complete the desired hairstyle.

4x4 inches silk top closure and 300g machine weft bundle Kit

Lace closure hair pieces are made in several base sizes from 3.5×4”, 4×4 “ 5×5” 6×6” and upon customizing ordering request one can have 2×2”.
These base sizes are typically in stock from hair lengths ranging from 8 inches to 20 inches and varies in normal lace( all lace) or silk base (realistic scalp /hidden knots).
Attaching these closure hair pieces can be done by wig tapes , wig liquid adhesives and or uniquely sewn in options ( a professional licensed hairstylist is always the best to seek to achieve this result).

Lace Frontals and Bundles Wefts ( machine weft bundle kits) are also a great investment to choose in covering thinning hairlines. These bundle kits are a great buy as a shopper will receive the desired length and closure hair piece matched with either 200grams ( 2 bundles) double drawn wefts or 300grams (3 bundles).

How many grams are in 1 bundle of weft hair extensions?

Bundles hair extensions are typically weighed In grams per bundle hair. Many online stores will have their bundle hairs listed as “bundle” Virgin Human Hair , however how will you know how many bundles of weft hair pieces are you receiving upon purchase will be based on the weight of the hair listed In their descriptions of what’s being sold.

How many bundles per grams should be purchased?

  • 100-110 grams is equivalent to 1 pack of hair/ weave.
  • 200 grams is 2 bundles or 2 packs of weave.
  • 300 grams is 3 packs or 3 bundles of hair.
  • 400 grams is 4 bundles of hair.

So to simplify your purchasing options whenever you need a full head of weave depending on the size of your head and the hair texture whether wavy or curly it’s also advisable to go with the most three bundles for larger head sizes (23.0” in circumference), or for small to medium head sizes (21.5” – 22.5” circumstance in size) one would purchase two bundles with a lace closure or lace frontal hair piece.

Peruvian Virgin Hair - Deep Wavy - Layered Machine Weft Bundle Kit

Hair extensions will always vary in their cost from place to place and therefore, it is very important to do a research on different hair types from different reputable hair extension online stores and salons.

Wearing bundles and lace closures can be fun and fashionable.

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