Are You Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap ?

Are You Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap ?

Stop Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap

Are you constantly putting yourself through the wringer purchasing the wrong lace wig cap base? Ending up with either uncomfortable fit, incorrect lace color blending, inability to comb freely in various up-dos or other unique hairstyle due to limitations on how the wig was made?

The hair texture and luster is perfect, but you received a lace front wig that’s uncomfortable or you are limited in freestyle-parting option?

To other issues such as :

a) It doesn’t fit correctly, well you either didn’t   measure your head correctly  or you might’ve selected the wrong wig cap size.
b) The lace color doesn’t match – another issue if you selected the wrong lace color. Always look for the wig’s detailed description and or option available before purchasing

Or you might have left your lace wig purchasing based on a friend’s opinion due to lack of information given before purchase.

A reputable website will provide these pertinent details along with the lace wig descriptions-as some Full lace wigs will have several modifying options prior to purchasing either Lace front wigs and or silk top full lace wigs . From Lace color ( match your complexion for Undetectable wear) hair Density ( thickness /fullness) hair color , hair length and so on.

No matter the hair texture be it body wave , deep curly , straight, slight wavy textures or even ombré colored,if your wig caps are not comfortable- your confidence in hair-styling will not be .

Still scratching your head as to what’s a lace wig cap base / wig cap construction ? Let’s explain:

What’s a Lace Wig Cap Construction/ Wig Base ?

In the hair market there’s an overwhelming amount of lace wig interior cap designs that are crafted based on an individual’s comfort level while wearing the wig. It’s not solely on the hair texture or fullness though important those aesthetics are the last major purchasing components to consider.
At times you may be swayed to choose the commonly consumed Lace front wigs. As these wigs styles are commonly consumed throughout the market. But that may not be the best option for you the individual wearer when facing the complexities of hair loss issues related to either age, stress, health reasons or other environmental hazards. Learning more about which wig base would best suit you, not only for fashionable reasons also allowing your scalp proper circulation with breathable materials.

For women with mild to progressive hair loss and require a suction type of wig cap Full Thin Skin Wigs are your ideal match at our online store.
With a few different coined names such as full pu wigs , full polyurethane wigs, and quiet possibly a few more new terms out there. A consumer will fall short of what they actually require when purchasing this kind of wig. Your comfort level with any wig is key. With this wig base there are several other variants to the pu wigs out there.

Full Polyurethane Wigs are specifically crafted for individual wig wearers who have total hair loss. Due to several health issues or stress. These full thin skin wigs are tediously ventilated by hand no less with absolutely no knots– which gives the surreal appearance of a natural scalp a highly premium undetectable wig, using a secure looping technique where the hairs are injected into the thin skin strip, providing the realistic appearance of hair growing naturally out of the wearer’s skin.When worn the thin skin base looks exceptionally natural and provides a realistic hairline as well as throughout the wig

With these wig cap construction (base)styles – they also come in a lesser model such as:

Silk Top Full Lace with Thin Skin Perimeter– which gives a realistic scalp and polyurethane strips around the circumference of the wig with breathable lace center with stretch panel made for wearing in a high bun hairstyle. These units are typically custom made which takes approximately 9 weeks due to the complexity of this wig base.

Full lace wig w/polyurethane perimeter– made for individuals With circumferential hair loss, the base has a small stretch panel in the middle . This can also be customize to have no stretch but accurate measurements are required once again.


FULL THIN SKIN / FULL PU WIGS – can be parted virtually any direction without a trace of knots as these units are injected unlike  other full lace wigs.which have features such as hand-tying and double knots .


These kinds of interior wig caps are considered premium wigs. The lifespan on these silk top full lace with thin skin perimeter wigs when properly cared for and maintained can last the consumer over 12 months or more. Though rejuvenation will be required after extended wear it always good to await either a second unit to arrive before requesting wig repair from our stores as it will take up to several weeks to rejuvenate close to new for our buyers.

Kat- Loose Curls- Virgin Human Hair- Full Lace Wig w/Thin Skin

Full Lace Wigs – Another highly demanded trend of lace wigs in the hair market. These wigs allow the wearer who chooses to wear in a high ponytail hair style. With endless amazing versatility and hair styling flexibility. “Full Lace Wigs” are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from Swiss lace material and stretch panel in the middle, allowing for style versatility including multi-directional parting called “freestyle parting “.

These wig cap base has a few modifications like silk base top or popularly known – silk top full lace boasting hidden knots (shown below) giving a visibly real scalp when parted within its 4.5×4.5” base. Most wig enthusiast appreciate these units more over the full Lace wigs where at times extra bleach knitting is required to have a very realistic seamless appearance to on lookers. Also is highly recommended to find a wig protector cap that blends well to gain that unbelievable flawless hair style


Glueless Lace wigs -made with combs and adjustable straps, though many will resells full lace wig with the modifications of combs and straps inside- it’s not really Glueless as you will need to where the circumference of those type of wigs. A Glueless wig is designed as below

Glueless Wigs are also made with silk base giving the wig wearer that requires no glues or wig tapes to boast a realistic scalp when parted in the 4.5×4.5” hidden knots silk base .
Styling these wigs are limited to low ponytail hair styling options and other fishtail braiding hair styles, as you won’t be able to place in a high ponytail unlike the silk top full lace wigs. Nevertheless, you will be able to treat your natural hair with these wigs as you are able to take down/ off at the end of the day.

Misha - Natural Wave - Brazilian Virgin Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig

Lace Front Wigs – The very popular lace wig thus far. Highly worn for fashion and great for newbies and veteran wig enthusiasts. Has several variable wig cap styles from wig base construction such as:

Classic front lace with machine weft backing and adjustable straps- boasting 13×5″ of lace material. Gives the wearer the ease of wear to take down and treat your natural scalp.

Lace Front Wigs with Lace at the Nape (shown below) – gives you the option to style your wig in a mid ponytail hairdo, featuring soft Swiss lace at the nape and at the front of the constructed wig cap. These wigs are ideal for newbies who desire the full lace approach but would like to familiarize themselves with lace wigs.


Hair Density – Thickness Of Lace Wig

Hair Density simply means thickness / fullness of the lace wig, starting from the hairline and graduating throughout the entire wig . Many women are wearing too high of a density lace wig leaving the hairs look overwhelming at the hairline. Leaving them to over pluck the hairline which now, you are left with a shorter lifespan of your wig in the long run.  Lace wigs are handmade, hand-tied and mostly double knotting for durability and longevity of the wigs hair follicles. As much as these techniques are done when you purchase your lace wig , one must take considerable care re-framing from excessive pulling and tugging of the hairs. If one is ever met with tangled hairs start from the tip and gradually make your way to the roots to remove tangled hairs. Be aware of the hair products utilized on these hairs. Understanding hair density of any lace wig will give one more knowledge when it comes to shopping online stores with wigs stating hair densities of 120 – 200% in fullness. As shown below the front of the lace wig will start with baby hairs density of 80% and gradually increasing to the total lace wig density of 120% .

Lace Material Color

Why choose the correct lace color ?

You gain a highly undetectable hairline choosing the correct lace color is holy grail. Just as you would select a blend-able liquid or press foundation for a seamless appearance , you can do the the same with your lace front , full lace and other lace material wig bases for the appearance of a natural hairline. As all lace wigs are adhered whether by tapes glues or sewing techniques around the perimeter of the wigs.

Choosing The Right Wig Lace Color For The Ultimate Undetectable Wear

For Lace fronts or front Lace wigs – you will be able to tape or adhere the front from ear to ear and in other cases with modified Lace front caps you can adhere the nape area. As much as that’s great you are still exposing the backs of your earlobes as no Lace material is based there/ therefore styling is limited to half up and down , mid ponytail hair styling.
Whereas with a full Lace wig or full thin skin wig you can achieve these undetectable circumferential hairlines

Measurements- Your Six Points in achieving the best fit.

Most lace front wigs and few full lace wig caps carry adjustable straps or full lace wigs can be modified to boast this feature upon request from the wig buyer. But if you are not knowledgeable about your own heads measurements you will be left dissatisfied with the fit of your wig. Once again, the luxurious lengths and hues are the least of your concern. If you have to readjust your wigs in the general public you aren’t wearing the correct size or it may be a bit too tight on your head, which you will be out missing the festivities of the day. Comfort of your wigs and hair extensions are essentially key.


How To Measure Your Head

Measuring ones head to gain optimal fit to any lace wig is the first step prior to choosing hair texture , density and style of wig Cap. Knowledge of your wig size , will give you more knowledge of what wigs you can purchase and or gain the best option especially through custom lace wig ordering. Where you choose the hair color , density , hair length and wig cap style.

The Six Points of Measurement : Having the knowledge of your six points of measurements of your head prior to purchasing any lace wig will allow you to gain the best fit to your future purchase.

  1. Circumference
  2. Front to Nape
  3. Ear to Ear Across the Forehead
  4. Ear to Ear over the Top (crown)
  5. Temple to Temple around the back
  6. Nape

Custom lace wigs gives one the best exclusive option as you are making wigs based on your preference to fit only you.

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