All About Diy Hair Extensions

People with low volume of hair or prolong hair loss issues are always wooing about their hair concerns. They find it very irritating to put rubber bands in their pony tail and assemble it again as it slips off the hair. None the less, they were unaware of the hair extensions that can quickly thicken and voluminize their hair. Had they been aware, they would have definitely eased out their discontent pertaining to the low volume of the hair.

DIY Hair Extensions: These are hair (virtual or natural) that is sewn together in a continuous strip at the roots end of the hair shaft with by machine. They have a taping process to apply them onto the original hair, concealing the think hair underneath in just five minutes. When blended with the hair on the scalp, these hair extensions look so natural that they are far from being caught. It is a glamorous as well as quick method to add quantity to your hair.

Types of Hair Extensions: For the DIY application of hair extensions, Clip-In One-Piece hair extensions are a favorable choice, for they enable a person to attach the hair extension on to their scalp without any external assistance. However, there are Tape Hair Extensions that can also be put to use. These need to be carefully assembled between the original hair by parting them carefully. They always need to be covered beneath the original hair, unlike the Clip-In One-Piece hair extensions that can be quickly attached in one go, without much care.

one piece clip-in hair extensions

Customization of Hair Extensions: There is a cheat code here. You can always cut the Clip-In One-Piece hair extensions that come with a straight or contoured band to make the Tape Hair Extensions. However, that increases your time for application of the hair on the scalp and subsequently the removal time. They offer flexibility such as easy attaching and detaching, highlight hair with different color hair, varying the length of hair etc. It is all upon you to customize your hair extensions as per your requirement or as per your mood.

Choice of Hair Extensions: These are available in multiple colors and sizes, with different quality of human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair are more natural and quickly mix up with the original hair while the synthetic hair are also difficult to identify when put on the scalp. The synthetic hair extensions are more widely available and at more affordable prices than the human hair extensions. If you go for human virgin hair, you have a hair extension that is not treated with any chemicals, heated irons or hair care products. The hair extensions are crafted from the hair as they are received.

Colors and Textures of Hair Extensions: Picking up the one that suits you from the variety of colors and textures that you have before your eyes becomes confusing as all are equally likeable. You can have straight, curled, wavy or bouncy hair with colours ranging from a very light blond to dark black. Some of them might also have feathers and accessories attached to them.

Every hair extension manufacturer has their own range of products that you can wear to transform your fine or thinning hair to a look of healthy glamour. Hope you will now not be wooing about the thin hair growth.

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