360 Band Lace Frontals: A Revolutionary Product For The Hair-Styling

Be it wigs or hair extensions or even hair pieces, these products always witness change with the improving technology and trending fashion, that is why they are always updated and improved for the good. And the innovation always results in products which are more comfortable, more natural and realistic looking. One such product is 360 Band Lace Frontals for hair.

Body Wave -Virgin Human Hair - Silk Base 360 Lace Frontal

These kind of virgin human hair pieces are to be used by the people who have deficiency of hair around their head or are not satisfied with their natural hair growth. As there already exists normal lace frontal then what is the need and advantage of these new 360 lace frontal band hair? The answer is; this kind of lace frontal is for the people who just want to add more hair around their head. Secondly, this kind of lace frontal also can be seen as a half of a full lace wig. It comes in small, medium, and large cap sizes for people to choose from according to their head size. Thirdly 360 Band Lace Frontals could be worn directly and there is absolutely no need to wear it with human hair bundles.

This new hair-styling product in hair elongation shops; this “360 band lace frontals”, or as they are gaining popularity by the name of 360 Frontals – which are named so because of the way they go all the way around the boundary of your head. These Lace Frontals come perfectly fit to any standard medium wig cap size wearing women. With 4 inches to the front and 2 inches towards the back; they are all manually-tied and knots are bleached superimposing on natural hairline.

Ladies can achieve those high ponytail styles with their wefts installed with these trending 360 degree lace frontals. These 360 degree lace frontals make it even comfortable to install the wefts as well as achieving a full natural hairline around the entire circumference in very less time. So now there is no requirement of seating for four or five hours at the salons or at your cousin’s kitchen table to get the task of installation of weaves done. This type of lace frontal is also called the new quick-weave. However you still require wefts matching the hair texture to accomplish your appearance. On an average, about two or three bundles would be sufficient. But you need to keep in mind that the hair texture is determinant of the amount of wefts you shall be requiring to complete your coveted look with these 360 lace frontals.

With this frontal you shall achieve the versatility in your styling options such as:

· Up-dos and high pony tails
· Freestyle parting – so that you may part in any direction of your desire.
· No more worrying about the edges showing your tracks being exposed!
· You will have more deepness in styling options with this trendy hair extension piece.




Silk Base 360 Lace Frontals:

In recent time, we’ve expanded the 360 frontal product line; with the new and most demanded product the silk base 360 lace frontals  these consumer popular product features a double layered silk base material is approximately 4 by 4 inches of silk material on the crown area as displayed above. Which gives the illusion of a realistic scalp. 360 Frontals with Bundles:

These popular hair pieces can also be purchased with matching bundles/ wefts hair texture like kinky straight, body wave, deep curly , body wave in a consumers desired length normally 360 frontals with bundles are  stocked from 10 – 20 inches of luxurious bouncy locks.From textures

Virgin Human Hair - Kinky Yaki Straight- Silk Base 360 Frontal w/2 Bundles


In addition, to the silk base 360 band lace frontal expansion : for those who are not versed in sewing wefts/bundles. We’ve saved you the stress of sewing with needle and thread ; the 360 frontal wigs are made for consumers who aren’t well versed in sewing or those with limited time for seating 8 hours at the hair salon . Designed with the same standards as a 360 band lace frontal the 360 frontal wigs have the adequate bundles already installed.  As illustrated below : They give the illusion of a full wig but it’s the newest trend to these widely  consumed lace frontal line of products.

Virgin Human Hair - Yaki- 360 Frontal Wig

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